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"As someone who likes stability, changing companies two years ago was a relatively stressful experience for me. My main concern was not whether I will be able to do my job in the new company but much more so, whether I will be happy with the team and culture. Making sure that I feel good about the people I will be working with and spending 60-70% of my time for the next couple of years, was very important for me. I remember the minute I entered Exsurgo office, I notice some happy and relaxed employees walking through the reception, that was a good sign!

After a few in-depth interviews and meeting all of the management team, I was also sure that Exsurgo don’t just hire anyone, they are very specific about the people joining their business and I was already hoping for good news. When I received the offer, I accepted immediately and never regretted my decision! Although working for a young business can require double effort, I love a good challenge and saw this as a great opportunity to test my potential.

After 1 year working here I achieved my targets (which are set clearly within the company and everyone has a proper career development path), I got promoted to Principal Consultant. That was a great achievement, but what touched me more were the number of congratulations from, everyone in the company, and a feeling that everyone was happy for me. In Exsurgo, every achievement is celebrated with genuine passion, while during more stressful periods motivational meetings take place, and action plan is quickly and efficiently established by friendly, professional and inspiring management. In short, Exsurgo is a great place to work, because of its genuine culture and professional yet really fun people!"
Ineta Skatovaite, Principal Consultant, International Fashion

“When I graduated I always wanted to work within retail or FMCG, and when I found out more about recruitment and Exsurgo I felt it would be a great balance for what I was looking for.

I joined Exsurgo in January 2013 as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant with no recruitment experience. I have received continuous internal and external training from recruitment industry experts and full-time trainers. This has enabled me to flex and style my approach to deliver a recruitment process which suits me and my market.

As a result, I quickly developed into a 360 consultant where I could successfully bring on new business, headhunt passive candidates and offer the end to end recruitment process to clients and candidates including interview prep and screening, constructive CV feedback and offer management and resignation advice.

Due to the excellent training and support at Exsurgo, I progressed quickly into my current role as Divisional Manager of the FMCG Commercial Sales Team. As a new manager I have had a lot of support from the senior management team and my current team to enable to transition comfortably into my new role and hit the ground running. We have all been working hard to continue the success of the team and contribution to Exsurgo as a whole. “
Joshua Charles, Divisional Manager, Commercial Sales

“When I joined Exsurgo I had worked as a Designer for 6 years, and just graduated from a post-graduate course in Buying and Merchandising. What interested me in my role here was the chance to use my in-depth fashion knowledge but at the same time, learn some completely new skills, and of course the opportunity to earn a lot more money.
The initial period was of adjustment, but I received lots of training and support and felt like I was contributing to the team from an early stage. I attended the Ignata Academy in  Birmingham, which is a very well structured intense course on Recruiting activities. After 2 months at Exsurgo I made my first placement and that’s when the buzz starts!
In addition to my knowledge of the fashion industry, I’m learning so much about the structure of fashion businesses.
I am expanding my network extensively and speaking with candidates of high seniority.
Everyone in the office is helpful and supportive, and there is a culture of healthy competition! My team is supporting me step by step, and I have a clear path to progress to the role of associate consultant. I believe my journey has given me a solid base of knowledge that will help me progress much quicker in the future.”
Carlotta Actis Barone, Researcher, International Fashion

“Right from the start of my recruitment process with Exsurgo I was taken a back with how friendly and welcoming everyone was. During my first week I had meetings with each Manager to understand the specific marketing needs of their division and then had a week to prepare my 90 day marketing strategy to present to my Manager and CEO. This really pushed me to understand the business, but also ensured I was making an immediate impact.

I am given trust and responsibility to manage my own projects, but also given the support I need to push myself and try new things. Everything I have implemented has been fully supported by senior management, and my successes have been recognised and celebrated, just like anyone else in the business.

It’s really refreshing as a member of the support team to feel such an integral part of the company. The support team are invited to all work events and where possible we are involved in company incentives.

My role here has given me the freedom to expand on my previous marketing experience and I love working for a business where I really feel part of the team and genuinely consider myself friends with everyone.“
Camilla Stanley, Marketing Manager

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